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As a university professor, I enjoyed teaching students from diverse backgrounds and areas of study. However, it became apparent that my impact was limited to a very narrow population - students enrolled in graduate programs at the University of Minnesota. Based on interactions with practitioners and students both domestically and internationally, I realized that there is a serious need to provide greater access to foundational and advanced assessment content. Thus, I have created a set of courses that can be taken fully online anywhere in the world and at any time. Additionally, taking my courses does not require you to be enrolled in a graduate program nor pay exorbitant tuition rates. You pick the classes you want to take on your own terms.

Learn from an Experienced Instructor

  • Advanced substantive and technical knowledge
    • MA & PhD in quantitative methodology & psychometrics
  • Former university professor with over 6 years of teaching at the graduate level
  • Formal training on incorporating technology into instruction
  • Experience with teaching online graduate level courses
  • Instruction is informed by award-winning research & years of industry experience

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Course Offerings

Educational & Psychological Measurement Principles


Course highlights

  • Gain an introduction to the principles of measurement theory, including classical test theory, reliability, and generalizability theory 
  • Understand principles of test fairness and accessibility, including measurement concerns for English learners and individuals with disabilities 
  • Learn how to provide validity evidence for your intended score-based inferences
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Developing Measures of Content Knowledge & Proficiency


Course highlights

  • Obtain an introduction to measurement principles, test formats, item types, and item/form development
  • Learn how to apply a framework for validation in designing tests and test administration procedures
  • Understand and apply test fairness principles to test development
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Creating Surveys of Attitudes, Preferences, & Beliefs


Course highlights

  • Understand which item types and item writing principles are best for your survey
  • Determine the best design features for your survey to increase accurate responding
  • Learn how to appropriately sample and incentivize respondents for your survey
  • Identify sources of sampling and non-sampling errors
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Meta-analysis & Research Synthesis


Course highlights

  • Formulate effective research questions that can be studies via meta-analysis 
  • Retrieve appropriate literature using multiple search methods
  • Develop a coding system for variables of interest and evaluate coding decisions
  • Effectively report meta-analytic results
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Student Testimonials

 “It is clear that he cares about his students, and he wants them to gain a higher degree of performance. I would (and have) recommend this course to others.”

“I wanted to personally thank you for everything you taught me this semester. Thank you for being such a great professor, you taught me so much!”

“Thank you for all of the time and work you put into our class. I always appreciated your genuine enthusiasm for the subject and could tell you cared about us learning.” 

“Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge about educational measurement with us. Your clear enthusiasm for the content and authentic interest in helping us think critically about the history, development, and use of psychological assessments will carry us well into our future work.

“I would like to say thank you for your class. The skills that you taught me have allowed me to publish a peer-reviewed journal article and assist colleagues with conducting systematic reviews. I really appreciated the materials you provided and all of your help, thank you!"

"Professor Rios made dense material so accessible – his course has strengthened my work as an applied researcher and practitioner who works outside the Ivory Tower. He inspires and challenges me to expand the boundaries of expectations I hold for myself."

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