I offer consulting services to support innovation in assessment practice. Certified by the world-leading design firm IDEO, I leverage design thinking principles to take a human-centered, interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving. Additionally, I utilize over a decade of experience in both industry and academia to provide insights that are informed by both my knowledge of practical assessment and leading scholarly research. Serving clients in both educational assessment and professional credentialing, I offer technical and substantive guidance in assessment design, data analysis, and dissemination efforts. As a consultant, I enjoy working closely with partners who are engaged in providing meaningful improvements in their assessment systems.

My Services

Assessment Design

I help clients to develop and design innovative assessment systems. I do so by leveraging design thinking principles to clearly delineate the problem at hand and understand the needs of key stakeholders. This understanding coupled with my technical guidance in item writing and test design help clients to generate innovative solutions in collecting high-quality data.

Data Analysis

I assist clients in considering the best approaches to cleaning and analyzing data to support their intended needs. With a strong background in quantitative methodologies, I provide technical guidance on descriptive and inferential statistical solutions. In addition, I offer the capacity to assist clients with considering the best data visualization methods to uncover key insights from data.

Dissemination of Results

With extensive research and practical experience, I help clients to design effective reporting methods that improve the interpretation of assessment results. In addition, I collaborate with clients in developing written products, such as academic articles, white papers, and policy briefs, to advance assessment knowledge and practice.  

My Clients

Sean Johnson

Senior Measurement Specialist, Achievement Network
"Our organization has relied on Joseph’s expertise to support us with measurement and psychometric guidance as we develop plans for a new assessment system. Throughout our collaboration, Joseph has provided us with insightful recommendations that have been instrumental in shaping our thinking around the purpose, use, and design of our assessment products and services. Overall, Joseph has been an invaluable thought partner throughout our work together."

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