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I’m an award-winning researcher in behavioral psychometrics and equity-based social science measurement. For over a decade, I have gained experience as both a research scientist and university professor at leading not-for-profit and academic institutions. My research, which includes over 40 articles, has appeared in prestigious academic journals, popular media outlets, and international policy briefs. Given my technical knowledge, I have served as a consultant to both private organizations and government agencies, such as ACT, the National Science Foundation, and Institute of Education Sciences.

These combined experiences have led me to one conclusion, major disruption is needed in both how we currently assess human knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs as well as how we train the next generation of assessment specialists. With this in mind, my professional objective is to be a leader in innovation through independent consulting, mentoring, and education services. By doing so, I aim to increase the accessibility of social science assessment research and education to practitioners and students alike. 

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The IEMP podcast is the very first to focus on issues related to social science measurement. Every week, I will have an intimate conversation with a leading assessment expert to discuss some of the most pressing assessment issues to date.   


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